Within the realm of trucking industry compliance, UCR Agency emerged as a brainchild of seasoned experts in DOT regulations and information technology. Our primary objective is to cater to the trucking industry by offering an automated and cost-effective program that seamlessly fulfills all DOT requirements. Referred to as a Third Party Administrator (TPA) in the industry, we strive to keep you and your business DOT compliant in every aspect, providing efficient solutions to meet this essential obligation.

Drawing upon years of expertise in DOT supervisor training, we have meticulously crafted an online program that empowers Designated Employee Representatives (DERs) and Owner Operators. Through our platform, they gain convenient access to manage drivers, review test results, facilitate payments, and much more.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to earn your trust as a valued customer, while simultaneously saving you both time and money in comparison to alternative DOT compliance solutions.