Do I need a UCR registration?

Hello! What if you don’t really know whether you need a UCR registration. Sometimes it happens that you don’t understand a condition when you have to register it. I’m going to tell you how you can easily find out this. Go to and find a Decision Tree. You will be answering a few questions: 

  • Which category or categories best describe your business?
  • Do you transport property, household goods, or passengers across state lines, or US national borders? 
  • What type(s) of cargo do you transport? 
  • Do you haul your own property, equipment, tools, etc?
  • Do you haul placarded amounts of hazardous materials? 
  • Do you solely operate within the State of Hawaii? 
  • Do you solely operate vehicles owned or operated by the Federal Government? 
  • Do you solely operate emergency vehicles? 
  • Do you solely operate vehicles (no trailers) with a gross vehicle weight rating or gross vehicle weight of 10,000 pounds or less? 

After these questions you will get an answer whether you need to register a UCR or not. Another thing is when you hesitate to answer all the questions properly you may go to Contact Info and choose a State you are located, so you will get information about: Agency, Contact Person, Address, Phone Number, Email. 

On their official site helpful videos can be found. They give you a full explanation of the FAQ that can arise.
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