How to check your USDOT number

Each of us sooner or later faces the problem of transporting some cargo from one point to another. We can ask a neighbour, friend, relative if they have a truck. What if you don’t know a person like that?

Of course, you can go out on the road and vote to stop the first truck you come across. But is it wise to do so? Is it possible to entrust the first person you meet with such a responsible task? Is it not better to use the services of professional companies that have been legally engaged in transportation for decades? It’s safe with them. All carriers are registered and have DOT identification numbers, by which you can trace all the information about them on the Internet.

How to check your USDOT number

Such a number should be obtained by all companies specializing in transportation between states and other countries. This applies not only to cargo, but also to passengers. Carriers who do not have a number do not have the right to transport goods and passengers. If you hire such a car to transport household items, you can get into an unpleasant story with the driver, lose a lot of time and nerves. To be sure of the success of the case, find a verified carrier by identification number.

Where to find the DOT number

You have decided to transport the cargo of one state to another. No need to go somewhere and look for a means of transport. You will find a reliable carrier on the FMCSA website. It contains comprehensive information on all companies entitled to transport goods or passengers. Go to the website and look at the following details about carriers:

  • work status. The «out of service» entry makes it clear that this company will not be able to help you at the moment. If this column says «active», you can study the information further;
  • contact details. Here you will be offered to get acquainted with the address, phone number of the carrier;
  • MC/MX/FF numbers. They inform users that the transport company has a permit to cross borders issued by the interstate commission on trade;
  • powertrains. In this field you will learn about the number of vehicles available to the company;
  • operations of the carrier. Here is information on what kind of cargo (dangerous or non-dangerous) and within what borders (within the country or abroad) the company has the right to transport;
  • Failures. This field displays accidents that have occurred with the participation of vehicles of the enterprise with such a number.

The safety rating is another important factor that influences the choice of a transport company. It is based mainly on interviews with the heads of the carriers themselves, but gives a clear picture of the capabilities of the enterprises. Logistics companies are divided into three categories:

  1. Satisfactory. Indicates that the carrier did not have serious problems in its professional activities during his work. This is the best option to choose.How to check your USDOT number
  2. Conditional. The company had minor problems in transportation. But they can’t be called critical.
  3. Unsatisfactory. According to the rating of the site, the transport enterprise does not meet the requirements for the safety of cargo transportation. If there are other options, it is better not to contact these companies.

Recommendations to users

To understand, how convenient it is to find carriers on the FMCSA website, you need to use its services at least once. Many people, especially representatives of the older generation, do not even know about the existence of such a site or neglect it. The task of young people is to help older people find reliable carriers on the Internet through USDOT numbers, so that they can, if necessary, send their belongings where they want. Together with transport, they will be able to order loaders.

Entrust the delivery of goods to professionals, and you will not regret it.