How to put Unified Carrier Registration in QuickBooks

Road carriers are very popular in the United States of America. For a long time, this transport delivers the vast majority of goods in the country. The work of a carrier is difficult, but romantic. Constant travel from one place to another attracts a large number of people to this business.  

On the other hand, this is a serious work, which is under special control by the authorities. Carriers who are involved in the delivery of goods and passengers from one state to another are required to register in the UCR program. This applies to truck drivers and their owners, freight forwarders, brokers, leasing companies.  How to put Unified Carrier Registration in QuickBooks

Refusal to register leads to large fines and other serious sanctions. The procedure must be repeated every year. In addition, you need to make certain amounts of contributions, depending on the number of commercial vehicles crossing state borders with cargo or passengers.

Sometimes employees of transport companies do not have time to pay contributions on time and bring their enterprises unjustified expenses. But it is possible to entrust these duties to special software. QuickBooks is one of the most efficient services in the United States for servicing small and medium-sized businesses. 

What is QuickBooks

This software is designed to optimize the accounting calculations of the business. The service performs such important functions: 

  • automated accounting. It allows you to monitor all accounting operations around the clock without interruptions in automatic mode; 
  • cost control. Be aware of all your expenses. Take measures to reduce them; 
  • automate tasks. Develop your business based on timely problem solving; 
  • increased income levels. The service suggests ideas on how to increase profits; 
  • control of wages and payment of taxes.

With the help of software, large companies can monitor the main indicators of the business and take measures to improve them.

How to work with QuickBooks 

This software is designed to facilitate work in small and medium-sized businesses. Therefore, it is not necessary to have special knowledge in order to master it. Here’s what you need to do step by step: 

How to put Unified Carrier Registration in QuickBooks

  1. Install the software. Select Network Settings on your computer. If installed on a single computer, click on «I will use the application on this computer». Locate the location or folder where you want to install. 
  2. Collect documents: 
  • Name of the company; 
  • Tax identification number; 
  • Financial reports; 
  • Legal address.
  1. When all the documents are in place, click on the software icon. For the convenience of creating a file, you will be offered Easy Step Interview. 
  2. Configure provider accounts. To do this, click on «Supplier Center» at the top of the toolbar, then go to the «New Supplier» line. 
  3. To add transactions, you need to click on «New Transaction». Create accounts for your employees. The algorithm of actions is the same as in paragraph 4 with the only difference that instead of suppliers there are your own employees. Optionally, use the Enter Time feature here to manage employees’ timesheets. 
  4. Generate reports to get information about profits and expenses, accounts receivable, and more.

Advantages of working with QuickBooks 

This software has been showing efficiency in business management for a number of years. For little money, you can simplify many procedures that are time-consuming and lead to unwanted waste of money. Payment for services varies between 25-300 dollars per month. This is not such a big money for the convenience that the service presents to carriers. 

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