How to Update my MCS-150?

Do you know how it is difficult to stay in compliance?
Have you checked your documentation for any inaccuracies?
Don’t wait for an inspector to tell you about them, just remember that your MCS-150 form should be renewed every two years even though there were no other changes made during that time. How to Update my MCS-150?

There are two options for filing the necessary forms to obtain a USDOT Number:

  • Completing and filing the required MCS-150 forms online;
  • Completing a printed copy and mailing to the FMCSA.

FMCSA strongly encourages applicants to use the electronic online application process since it has built-in edit checks and simple yes-and-no questions for easy, accurate completion. It is also significantly faster than applying by mail. The estimated time to complete the form online is approximately 20 minutes.
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