Why is the Operating Authority Status Currently Displayed as «Not Authorized»?

You can check your status online while you are waiting for the Operating Authority to complete. This will allow you to see where you stand. More often than not, new applicants will find a «not authorized» message, which can end up causing feelings of anxiety. But there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this code. You can learn more about your FMCSA status and the «unauthorized» code next.

What is the reason the operating authority sets its status to «unauthorized»?

Why is the Operating Authority Status Currently Displayed as "Not Authorized"?

The operating authority number is an important part of existing Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requirements. It is required so that you can legally conduct your motor carrier business. It is always necessary to know and remember the operating authority number. If the FMCSA number is displayed as «unauthorized,» the reason is usually that the application submitted is still being processed. You may just have to wait a while.

This is the most common scenario. It is noted after the application has been submitted to the operating agency and all necessary steps in the process have been completed. But the issuing agency does not immediately review all applications submitted to it. The new applicant, after providing all the required information, including proof of insurance, must wait for some time.

When the agency finishes its work, the status will be automatically updated immediately. This can take varying amounts of time, depending on the number of applications submitted and other factors. It is unlikely to affect anything on your own. You can give a recommendation to check the status every day until it is updated.

Talk about «Not Authorized» or «Suspended» status

Why is the Operating Authority Status Currently Displayed as "Not Authorized"?

«Not Authorized» is not the same status as «Suspended» when viewing the status of the operating authority.

The visible message has its own meaning when it comes to operational credentials. The explanation refers to firms that are pending further processing. When the status of operational authorizations is displayed as «Suspended», in practice this means that certain measures may need to be taken so that existing operational authorizations can be restored as a result.

Often «unauthorized» means that you are waiting for the application to finish and be processed. In that case, nothing more is required. If the message sounds like «suspended», it means that a number of actions will need to be taken later on in order to continue successful restoration.

You can check the status of the operating body after all the necessary steps in the application have been completed. It is sufficient to check the status and also to make sure that you are doing everything necessary now to ensure that the available operating authority is in good order.